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A loan personal guarantee form is a legal document of considerable consequence in the financial landscape. It represents the guarantor's promise, pledging their personal assurance to satisfy a debt if the borrower defaults on their loan obligation. Download this form in PDF and fill it out using our guidelines below for a quick job to be done.
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Document Types
Family Loan Agreement
This agreement documents the amount borrowed and repayment terms between the parties.
Loan Agreement
This agreement outlines the terms and conditions for borrowing money.
Payment (Plan) Agreement
This document outlines the schedule for payments to be made to fulfill a debt.
Personal Loan Agreement
This form is necessary whenever a loan is given from one individual to another.
Shareholder Loan Agreement
This contract details the specifics of a loan between a company and a shareholder.
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A loan personal guarantee form — a legal document of considerable consequence in the financial landscape — signifies an essential commitment. It represents the guarantor's promise, pledging their personal assurance to satisfy a debt if the borrower defaults on their loan obligation. This crucial undertaking, embodied in the form, ensures an additional layer of protection for lenders, reinforcing confidence in their lending decisions.

When to Use a Loan Personal Guarantee Form

A personal loan guarantee becomes essential whenever a lender needs an extra level of assurance for loan repayment. This is typically when the standard collateral doesn't provide enough security, or the borrower's credit history is uncertain. Situations like the approval of a high-risk loan or a startup business loan often necessitate such a form. 

This agreement is a legal declaration that the guarantor will fulfill the loan obligations if the borrower defaults. It signifies that even if the borrower reneges on their financial commitment, the lender still has a guaranteed means of recouping their investment.


  • Guarantor — This is the individual or entity that agrees to be responsible for another's debt or performance under a contract if the other fails to satisfy its obligation. They provide the additional layer of security that some lenders require before extending credit or approving a loan. Once the lender has received full repayment of the loan, this often absolves the guarantor of their obligation, provided no other conditions are stipulated in the guarantee agreement.

  • Lender — The lender is the individual, bank, or other financial institution providing the loan or credit. In a personal guarantee loan, the lender is the recipient of the assurance provided by the guarantor, protecting them from loss in the event the borrower defaults. The lender is tasked with enforcing the guarantee if the borrower fails to meet their obligations. Upon full repayment of the loan by the borrower or the guarantor in case of the borrower's default, the lender releases the guarantor from their obligation and recognizes the fulfillment of the loan agreement's terms.

Key Terms

  • Principal debtor: This is the primary borrower of the loan. The one from whom the original repayment is expected as per the initial agreement.
  • Guaranteed liability: This term refers to the extent of the debt obligation covered by the personal guarantee.
  • Recourse: This is the lender's right to recover the guaranteed amount from the guarantor in case the principal debtor defaults on the loan.
  • Default: This term is used to indicate a situation where the debtor is unable to fulfill their financial obligation as per the terms of the loan agreement.
  • Revocation: This term refers to the termination of the guarantee. Conditions under which a guarantee can be revoked should be clearly stated in the form.

How to Write a Loan Personal Guarantee Form

When writing a personal guarantee loan agreement, detail is pivotal. All nuances of the guaranteed obligation, the scope of the guarantee, the conditions under which the liability might occur, and the recourse in case of default must be explicitly stated to protect both parties' interests.

 Here is a descriptive guide on how to write a loan personal guarantee form:

  1. Start with identifying information:
    The form should begin with the full legal names and addresses of the borrower, lender, and guarantor. This helps in legally identifying who is involved in the guarantee.

  2. Specifics of the loan:
    Include detailed information, such as the loan amount, interest rate, repayment schedule, and any other terms agreed upon between the lender and borrower.

  3. Personal guarantee statement:
    This is where the guarantor agrees to assume responsibility for repayment of the loan if the borrower defaults. The language should be detailed, making the nature and extent of the guarantor's obligation clear.

  4. Signatures:
    The document should include space for the guarantor and, typically, the lender to sign and date the form, legally binding them to the terms described in the document.

  5. Witness or notary acknowledgment:
    Depending on your jurisdiction, it may be required or recommended to have the signature witnessed or notarized for additional legal clout.

  6. Revocation terms:
    It is crucial to describe the conditions and process through which the guarantee can be terminated or revoked.

Following these steps while keeping the tone professional and ensuring all legal provisions are catered to will result in a comprehensive and legally sound personal loan guarantee form. It's recommended to seek legal advice before drafting or signing such a form to understand fully the legal implications.

In conclusion, a personal guarantee form for a loan is an integral part of secure lending. It protects the lender's interests while offering the borrower an opportunity to access financing. A customizable template of the personal guarantee loan form at Lawrina aids in ensuring all legalities are met and tailored to suit the specific needs of both parties involved in the lending process. Therefore, opting to use them can save effort and guarantee a comprehensive agreement.