What Is a Memorandum for Mechanic’s Lien?

Updated October 6, 2023
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What Is a Memorandum for Mechanic’s Lien?


Welcome back to another informative article by Lawrina. Our goal is to help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities in simple terms. Today, we're focusing on an important legal document: the memorandum for the mechanic’s lien. This document is often used in the construction industry to ensure contractors and suppliers get paid for their work and materials.

The memorandum for mechanic’s lien serves as a type of insurance for those who provide services or materials for a property. In the event of non-payment, they can file this document to stake a claim on the property until they've been paid. Interested in learning more? We'll explain everything you need to know about the mechanic's lien memorandum in our detailed tutorial.

Understanding Memorandum for Mechanic’s Lien

A memorandum for a mechanic's lien is a kind of 'legal insurance policy' that contractors, subcontractors, or suppliers use to ensure they get paid for the work or materials used in a property improvement project. Hence, this memorandum helps to secure an individual or company’s financial interests in the property in question. 

When To Use a Memorandum for Mechanic’s Lien

The ideal moment to use a memorandum for a mechanic's lien is when you, as a supplier, contractor, or subcontractor, have rendered services or supplied materials for a construction project, but the payment isn't forthcoming. This document helps to stake a claim on the property, ensuring your right to payment. 

Components of the Memorandum of Mechanic's Lien

A properly formulated memorandum for a mechanic’s lien comprises several crucial components that collectively ensure the validity and enforceability of the lien. This includes:

  • Filer's information: This typically covers the contractor's, subcontractor's, or supplier's name and address, which are necessary for future correspondence and for the parties involved to identify who is filing the lien.

  • Property information: The property details, including its description and precise location, are important to establish the targeted asset for the lien.

  • Contact details: This requires the name of the person who contracted for the services and a description of the work done or materials provided.

  • Lien amount: Mentioning the exact amount due is critical to indicate what compensation is expected.

  • Completion date: Having a record of the last day of work or delivery is required in many jurisdictions to properly file a lien.

Each of these components of the memorandum for a mechanic’s lien plays a critical part in establishing; missing even one could render the mechanic’s lien void. Look at our collection of business and contract templates for more examples and an in-depth understanding of the construction of these documents.

The forms available on Lawrina can help guide you through the complex process of filing a memorandum for a mechanic's lien, ensuring that no essential components of the important legal document are overlooked.

How To Complete a Mechanic Lien Memorandum?

Filling out a mechanic lien memorandum doesn't have to be arduous with proper guidance. Following this streamlined process can help:

  1. Document gathering: Compile your contract and invoices, work receipts and any other related records.

  2. Form completion: Fill out each section of the memorandum form accurately, taking care to provide all necessary details that were collated in step one.

  3. Notarization: In many cases, getting the form notarized is crucial. A notary public can help authenticate the document’s information.

  4. Lien filing: Submit the completed mechanic's lien memorandum to the appropriate governmental office. This is typically the office where land records are kept for the affected property.

  5. Notification: Notify the property owner and other pertinent parties about the lien filing.

Remember, the memorandum for the mechanic’s lien is a crucial document in ensuring you get paid for your worked hours or the provided materials. Hence, completing your mechanic lien memorandum correctly and on time can make all the difference between getting paid or not.

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In the labyrinth of legal documents and terminologies, the memorandum for mechanic’s lien rightly claims its vital place. A powerful tool for contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers, it serves as a protective shield that guards their right to fair remuneration after providing their valuable services or goods.

By now, the understanding of the memorandum for the mechanic’s lien ought to be more accessible and less intimidating — a testament to our commitment here at Lawrina to break down complex legal terms into manageable information. We believe that a comprehensive understanding fosters better relationships and smoother transactions in the construction and real estate sectors by ensuring every party is informed and protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the U.S., what are the rules for filing a memorandum for a mechanic’s lien?

The rules for filing a memorandum for a mechanic’s lien are governed by state laws. Hence, they can vary across the U.S. Some states require notice to be served to the property owner before filing the lien, while others may have specific deadlines post-completion of work within which the lien should be filed. It's crucial to research the specific regulations in your state or consult a legal professional to ensure your lien is filed correctly and is legally enforceable.


Upon payment of the due amount, corresponding processes need to be followed for a release of the mechanic’s lien. Again, such regulations vary based on state laws, and proper adherence helps ensure the removal of the lien from the property conveniently, marking the completion of responsibilities associated with your memorandum for the mechanic’s lien.


What are the consequences if a memorandum for a mechanic’s lien isn't filed on time?

Filing the memorandum for the mechanic's lien within the stipulated timeframe is critical in the U.S. If the lien isn't filed on time, it could lose its enforceability — which means you may lose your security for payment. 


With respect to payments, once received, do not delay the release of the mechanic’s lien. Similar to filing the initial lien, each state has its timeline to release a lien following a payment. To avoid potential penalties and legal complications, adhere to the timelines linked to a memorandum for the mechanic’s lien, including its release.


Can I file a memorandum for the mechanic's lien if a verbal agreement was made for the construction project?

Filing a memorandum for a mechanic's lien in the U.S. is still possible, even if only a verbal agreement was made. However, it's always recommended to have a written contract as it provides clear proof of the agreed terms and payment expectations. 


Upon the settlement of a verbal agreement-linked debt, releasing a mechanic’s lien becomes essential. Even without a physical contract, the memorandum for a mechanic’s lien and its subsequent release is an integral part of the legal processes in construction and supplier relationships.