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A notice of completion form serves the primary function of formally documenting the conclusion of a construction project. This legal template aims to protect all parties involved by setting clear expectations and timelines regarding payments and potential liens. Download this free PDF form on Lawrina and start filling out the paper instantly.  
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A notice of completion form, as a critical legal document, serves the primary function of formally documenting the conclusion of a construction project. This legal template aims to protect all parties involved by setting clear expectations and timelines regarding payments and potential liens, thereby preventing misconceptions and disputes. 

Using free certificate of completion construction templates by Lawrina, you may secure yourself from legal headaches and ensure your documentation is legit. 

What Is a Notice of Completion

A notice of completion, is a legal document issued by a property owner at the end of a construction project. It officially signifies the project's completion, triggering the timeline for final payments and lien claims and providing protection to all parties involved.

Parties of the Notice of Completion

There are typically three main parties involved in a notice of completion form:

  1. Property Owner: The person or entity that owns the property where the construction work occurred. They file the construction completion form to signify the official end of the project.

  2. Contractor: The party that has been hired to complete the construction work. Once the certificate of completion by contractor is filed, they can submit their final invoice for payment.

  3. Subcontractors/Material Suppliers: These parties provided services or materials for the project. After the notice of completion is filed, they have a limited timeframe to file any lien claims for unpaid work or materials.

Key Terms

  1. Completion Date: The official end date of the construction project.

  2. Project Description: Details about the construction project, including location and type of work performed.

  3. Contractor: The individual or company hired to perform the construction work.

  4. Subcontractors/Material Suppliers: Parties that supply labor, services, or materials for the construction project.

  5. Lien Period: The timeframe following the completion date for parties to file lien claims for unpaid work or materials.

What Is Included in the Notice of Completion Form

A completion of work template generally includes key information about the project, the involved parties, and the completion date:

  • Project Details: The notice of completion form should have a comprehensive description of the construction project, including the scope of work performed and the property's physical address.

  • Completion Date: This is the official end date of the construction project, which could be when the property owner accepted the project or when the project passed the final inspection.

  • Contractor Details: The certificate of completion template for construction should include the names, addresses, and contact details of the contractor and any subcontractors or material suppliers involved. This ensures all parties involved have been properly acknowledged and can exercise their rights to file liens if necessary.

How To Write a Notice of Completion

When drafting a notice of completion template, the following steps are typically followed:

  1. Identify All Parties: List the property owner, contractor, and any subcontractors or material suppliers.

  2. Detail the Project: Specify the type of work done, the property address, and other identifying details.

  3. Record the Completion Date: The official end date of the project should be clearly stated.

When To Use a Notice of Completion

A work completed template comes into use primarily when you reach the finalization point of a construction project. Its main role is to certify the completion of the project officially and inform all associated parties competently. 

Common Use Cases

The application of the certificate of completion for insurance is generally observed in the following scenarios:

  • It's utilized to validate the completion of various tasks such as full-scale construction, remodeling, or renovation jobs.
  • The form serves to notify all related parties about initiating the lien period.
  • When there is a requirement to release the final payments and square off any outstanding contractual obligations.

When Not To Use a Notice of Completion Form

Even though a notice of completion form has practical uses, there are certain circumstances where it's advisable not to use one.

The foremost among such scenarios is when the construction project hasn't officially completed. At this moment, using a letter of completion for an insurance company prematurely can lead to misunderstandings and disputes about payments and possible liens.

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