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A postnuptial agreement is a legal contract entered into by spouses. It details the assets and debts of both parties and how all shared assets will be divided following the event of separation. Create your professional legal document in minutes by filling out this Lawrina template in minutes.
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Before creating the document...

It is recommended for each party to obtain legal counsel advice before entering into a Postnuptial Agreement.

A postnuptial agreement is a legal contract voluntarily entered into by spouses after marriage. The primary purpose of this agreement is to determine assets division and ownership if the couple decides to divorce or one of the spouses dies. With the help of a postnuptial agreement template, couples can define their financial rights and commitments to each other, offering a level of protection and peace of mind. 

When to Use a Postnuptial Agreement

The circumstances leading to the requisite of a sample post nuptial agreement can vary. For instance, if there is a significant change in the financial status of one or both spouses, like a considerable inheritance or the start of a new business venture, a couple might see the need to create or modify their post nuptial agreement. Even changes in a couple's monetary goals or marital issues can drive them towards drafting a post nuptial agreement template, which illustrates the essential and flexible nature of this legal document.


  • Spouse 1 –– This is one of the two individuals involved in a marriage who mutually decide to determine the division of assets, if required, by signing a written or online postnuptial agreement form. The responsibility of this individual is similar to that of their partner, which includes providing accurate disclosure of assets and agreeing to the specified distribution of properties. Once the contract is agreed upon and signed, it will signify that this partner has willingly entered into the agreement, fostering openness and transparency in matrimonial financial matters.

  • Spouse 2 –– This represents the other half of the marriage union, who, along with their partner, arranges a sample postnuptial agreement for future financial clarity. This spouse's responsibility lies in acknowledging the agreement, fully understanding its implications, and endorsing it by signing. Together with Spouse 1, they work towards a contract that is fair and supports both parties' interests. Upon finalizing and signing the postnuptial agreement sample, they confirm mutual consent and agreement regarding future asset distribution and obligations, further strengthening the marital bond. 

Key Terms

  • Property: This term specifies any asset acquired in the marriage, usually divided into marital and separate property.
  • Spousal Support: This refers to the financial support that one spouse pays to the other post-separation or divorce.
  • Debt: This encapsulates any outstanding financial obligations that either or both of the spouses may have accrued.
  • Custody: This indicates the agreement on guardianship rights over future or existing children.
  • Amendments: This term states conditions under which the agreement can be changed or adjusted.

How to Write a Postnuptial Agreement

A post nup agreement is an essential legal document signed by married couples, outlining the distribution and ownership of assets in the event of a divorce or death. Crafting a perfect agreement can be done either by using a reliable resource or by hiring a legal professional to assist in the preparation. 

Here's how spouses can fill out a printable postnuptial agreement template:

Spouse 1
  1. Disclose specific details of all parties involved, including legal names and contact information.
  2. Explicitly state the current financial status, including any significant assets, debts, or sources of income.
  3. Outline any existing property and its legal description, along with its value and ownership details.
  4. Prepares detailed provisions for the division of these properties, debts, and assets in the event of divorce.
Spouse 2
  1. Provide the description of personal or separate properties, including legal details and values.
  2. Identify any special financial conditions that need to be considered, such as a business venture or inheritance.
  3. Detail specific provisions related to spousal support or alimony.
  4. Discuss and list parameters related to the custody of existing or future children.
  5. State any requirements for amendments or changes to the agreement over time.

Both parties should go over the postnuptial agreement sample PDF with legal advice to ensure their interests are secure. It's essential to reach a prior consensus on critical components of the document, like the division of assets or custody arrangements. By doing so, couples can ensure a straightforward and tranquil process when drafting their postnuptial agreement example.

The thoughtfulness and foresight invested in a postnup template can save couples much stress, time, and money later down the line. A well-drafted post nuptial agreement form can provide a solid platform to safeguard your assets, reducing the financial conflicts that often arise during a divorce. Remember, a postnuptial agreement form goes beyond just being a document — it serves as a medium to promote discussions on challenging topics, offering clarity and commitment in the journey ahead.

Can I Add a Pet to the Agreement?

Many spouses want to know whether they can include a pet in their postnuptial agreement. Thankfully, this is permitted. All pets are considered property and can be added to your postnuptial agreement template along with all other assets. Where the pet is jointly owned and thus considered marital property, things can get a little more complicated. One spouse will generally retain control and get to keep the animal, and any disputes can be settled using a pet agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What assets can I divide in a postnuptial agreement?

Any shared assets that are considered marital property can be divided when using our postnuptial agreement template. This includes real property, savings, stocks and shares, jointly-owned businesses, inheritance, and personal belongings.

When should someone avoid signing a postnuptial agreement?

Although there are many perks of postnuptial agreements, signing one is not always a good idea. Don’t sign the legal contract if you and your partner are planning on separating; create a separation agreement instead. Also, state laws regarding the enforceability of post-nuptial agreements vary dramatically. Consult your own lawyer and check the rules in your jurisdictions before signing.

What is the difference between a prenuptial agreement vs postnuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is a legal document made before marriage that details how both parties will divide their assets if the marriage dissolves. It becomes valid only at the point of marriage. On the other hand, postnuptial agreements are contracts made after marriage. Other than timing, they’re almost identical to prenuptial agreements in every other way.