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A power of attorney for child (POA) is a legal document that allows parents and legal guardians to give short-term responsibility to another adult party to take care of their minor child. This form validates a caregiver making parental decisions on behalf of the child’s custodial parties. Edit this POA for child template online and get a complete PDF document, ready for review and signatures.
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Document Types
Durable Power of Attorney (DPA)
This form assigns another person to manage financial and healthcare matters in the long term.
Power of Attorney (POA)
POA grants one or more persons the power to act on your behalf or as your agent.
Limited (Special) Power of Attorney
This form is necessary to hand over specific financial or legal tasks on your behalf.
Medical Power of Attorney (MPOA)
MPOA helps principals to assign an entrusted person to make healthcare decisions.
Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney
This form marks the transfer of decision-making powers regarding a particular vehicle.
Revocation of Power of Attorney
This document changes the person in charge for acting on your behalf for legal issues.
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When to Use a Power of Attorney for Child

A power of attorney for child (PoA) is a temporary transfer of decision-making power for the child from the parent or legal guardian to another trustworthy individual. In these situations, a minor power of attorney becomes particularly relevant:

  • Long business trips or military assignments where the parent will be out of town or out of reach for several weeks or months;
  • Substantial surgical procedures that will result in a prolonged recovery period;
  • Provisional incapacity brought on injuries;
  • Mental health problems that impair the caregiver’s ability to provide informed consent or make decisions.

What Should a Power of Attorney for Child Include?

A power of attorney over a child should include essential details, such as:

  • Identification details: Personal information (full names and addresses) of all involved parties – the parents, their child, and the designated individual, also known as the agent.

  • Scope of authority: Specific powers being assigned to the agent.

  • Duration: The period for which the powers are granted to the agent. Be aware that a power of attorney for children is a temporary solution meant to allow someone to make decisions about a child, but the arrangement shouldn't be permanent.

Do I Need to Notarize the Power of Attorney for Child?

Indeed, notarizing a power of attorney of a minor is typically necessary. It is a common rule in most places. The document must be signed with a notary public present. This process boosts the document's integrity and helps guard against any fraud attempts.

Where Can I Get a Power of Attorney for Child?

Generating a power of attorney for a child is possible in several ways:

  • Using online legal services platforms like Lawrina, you can find customizable document templates;
  • Hiring a legal professional to draft a power of attorney form for child catered to your specific needs;
  • Certain legal software provides options to generate the needed legal documents.

How to Fill Out a PoA for Child on Lawrina

Creating a power of attorney for minor child template from Lawrina is a straightforward process:

  1. Choose the template: Visit the Lawrina website and select the power of attorney for child template.

  2. Enter the required information: Follow the prompts to fill in the necessary details. This information will be used to customize your power of attorney for a minor child.

  3. Review your PoA for child: A document is automatically generated based on the details provided. Ensure you go through this document carefully to verify all information is correct.

  4. Save the file: After following all these steps, the document will be saved on your account on Lawrina. This will allow you to modify a power of attorney of a child or continue editing if the document is incomplete.

  5. Sign the document: Validate your document digitally using the Lawrina Sign feature.