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Plan your real estate Templates

This form helps to retain control over assets during one's lifetime and after death.

8 pagesAll states2 types4.8 (1 review)8 pagesAll states4.8 (1 review)+1

This legal document helps parties transfer ownership of property or land to a new owner.

5 pagesAll states2 types4.6 (42 reviews)5 pagesAll states4.6 (42 reviews)+1

This document attests to the ownership of tangible and intangible assets.

2 pagesAll states13 types4.5 (39 reviews)2 pagesAll states4.5 (39 reviews)+1

This document helps people maintain control over their property during their lifetimes.

2 pagesAll states4.6 (3 reviews)2 pagesAll states4.6 (3 reviews)

This deed allows the seller to convey the property with limited assurance.

4 pagesAll states2 types4.6 (1 review)4 pagesAll states4.6 (1 review)+1

This legal form helps the surviving owner of jointly owned property claim survivorship.

1 pageAll states13 types4.4 (23 reviews)1 pageAll states4.4 (23 reviews)+1

This contract between a buyer and a seller transfers the real estate ownership.

8 pagesAll states7 types4.5 (36 reviews)8 pagesAll states4.5 (36 reviews)+1

A deed of reconveyance states that you paid the debt owed on the property in full.

2 pagesAll states4.6 (21 reviews)2 pagesAll states4.6 (21 reviews)

A quitclaim deed is used to transfer the ownership of real property.

4 pagesAll states4.7 (42 reviews)4 pagesAll states4.7 (42 reviews)

This form confirms a trust's existence and details its critical elements.

2 pagesAll states13 types4.6 (8 reviews)2 pagesAll states4.6 (8 reviews)+1