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A scholarship recommendation letter is a document written by someone knowledgeable about a student’s abilities, talents, character traits, and educational objectives. This letter provides the scholarship committee with insight that isn't available elsewhere in the application. Edit this scholarship recommendation letter on Lawrina and download a PDF document to your device in a flash.
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Document Types
Character Reference Letter for Court
This letter is used in court to provide a testament to the character of an individual.
College Recommendation Letter
This letter is useful when a student is embarking on their path to higher education.
Letter of Recommendation
This letter provides feedback on a person's performance, leadership, and/or character.
Landlord Recommendation Letter
This letter is used when a prospective tenant is looking to rent a property.
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A scholarship recommendation letter plays a pivotal role in academic trajectories. It's a document written by someone knowledgeable about a student’s abilities, talents, character traits, and educational objectives. This letter provides the scholarship committee with insight that isn't available elsewhere in the application. It details the student's capabilities and illustrates who they are beyond grades and standardized test scores.

When to Use a Scholarship Recommendation Letter

You'll need a letter of recommendation for a scholarship whenever you're applying for academic financial aid. This could happen when you're seeking entrance to a college or university or whenever you're attempting to secure funds for further education — such as applying for a prestigious scholarship or looking to acquire a grant. 

The recommendation letter for a scholarship serves as an attestation of your qualifications, potential, and character. It assures the scholarship committee that you, as the applicant, are a worthwhile investment and possess the aptitude to utilize the scholarship effectively.

Parties of the Scholarship Recommendation Letter

  • Recommender — This is the individual or organization that is well-acquainted with the applicant's academic or professional capabilities. Their responsibility is to pen an authentic and persuasive scholarship reference letter according to the specifics requested by the scholarship organization. After crafting and signing the recommendation letter, the recommender hands it over to the student or directly to the scholarship committee. 

  • Recommendee — This is the student who is applying for the scholarship. In the context of the reference letters for scholarship, the recommendee is accountable for identifying a suitable recommender who can vouch for their abilities and potential convincingly. Once the letter is drafted, it is the recommendee's responsibility to submit it as part of the scholarship application. Upon doing so, the recommendee then waits for the scholarship committee's verdict.

The letter can serve as a key determinant in the process, influencing the committee's decision on granting the scholarship.

Key Terms

  • Recommendee: The student who is being recommended for the scholarship.
  • Recommender: The person writing the letter of recommendation for a student scholarship who has a professional or academic relationship with the student.
  • Personal anecdotes: These are personal stories or experiences shared by the recommender, shedding more light on the student's character and abilities.
  • Professional traits: These are the qualities the student possesses that would make them a reliable and successful scholarship recipient.
  • Closing statement: A final endorsement for the student in which the recommender once again affirms the student's qualifications for the scholarship.

How to Write a Scholarship Recommendation Letter

A well-crafted recommendation letter for a student for a scholarship should offer a balanced and comprehensive overview of the student's abilities and achievements. Using a scholarship recommendation letter template can further streamline the process, ensuring that all key points are covered, and the message is effectively conveyed. 

With a clear framework to follow, a scholarship recommendation letter example template can assist in producing an impactful narrative that not only highlights the student's capabilities but also convincingly outlines their future potential.

Here are the essential steps for the creation of a scholarship letter of recommendation:

  1. Identify the candidate's traits:
    Start by making a list of the student's abilities, accomplishments, goals, and any obstacles they've overcome. This will provide a comprehensive portrait of the student, which will be useful in drafting the letter.

  2. Understand the scholarship requirement:
    Before you start writing, it's crucial to understand the scholarship's criteria or requirements. Details about the scholarship help to tailor the letter to align with the selection committee's expectations.

  3. Start with a formal salutation:
    A formal salutation sets a professional tone for the letter. Addressing the recipient by name, if known, can add a personal touch.

  4. Discuss the student's aptitudes and skills:
    Illustrate the student’s aptitudes, skills, and work ethic in the body of the letter. Use concrete examples and personal anecdotes to add depth to your descriptions.

  5. Speak to the student's potential:
    Outline the student's potential for future success in their field, including their dedication, attitude, and plans for future study or work.

  6. Conclude with a strong endorsement:
    In your closing paragraph, summarize your assessment of the student and give an enthusiastic final endorsement for the scholarship.

  7. Sign and provide contact information:
    Sign the letter and provide your contact information for the committee in case they have further questions.

  8. Proofread:
    Make sure to proofread your letter before sending it out, checking for any grammatical errors and ensuring the information is accurate and relevant.

Remember, a student's letter of recommendation for a scholarship has to be both personal and professional. It should offer a comprehensive overview of the student's abilities and personality and also demonstrate why they are an excellent candidate for the scholarship.

To help with this, resources such as a sample letter of recommendation for scholarship can be extremely beneficial. By reviewing a sample letter, you can gain a better understanding of the key components that make a recommendation letter compelling and effective. It gives you a sense of how to structure the letter, what kind of information to include, and how to balance the personal and professional aspects. If you're on the hunt for resources to assist you more, finding a recommendation letter for a scholarship PDF online can be remarkably helpful. 

Soundly drafted letters can have a significant impact, so templates, sample letters, or similar resources can be invaluable. These resources can save time, ensure the inclusion of all the crucial elements to make the letter persuasive and influential and guide you in successfully securing the scholarship for the student.