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A release of lien removes any encumbrances on the property, permitting its sale or refinancing. Its main purpose is to signify that a party that previously had a claim to a certain property, generally a lender or contractor, no longer holds that claim. Fill out this lien release form on Lawrina and download a customized legal document, ready for your situation.
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Document Types
Car Accident Release of Liability Form
This form becomes essential whenever there's a settlement following a car accident.
Release of Liability Form
This form protects the parties from potential lawsuits in case of accidents or damage.
Lease Agreement Release Form
A lease release form discontinues the landlord and tenant relationship.
Media (Video) Release Form
This form protects the rights of parties involved in the production and use of video content.
Medical Records Release Form
This form enables sharing of a patient's medical information between healthcare providers.
Photo Release Form
This document provides the model’s permission to use their photos in public.
Talent Release Form
This form is impeccable in the daily work of content creators and talented persons.
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A release of lien is a legal document that plays a crucial role in the real estate and construction industries. Its main purpose is to signify that a party that previously had a claim to a certain property, generally a lender or contractor, no longer holds that claim. The lien release letter sample removes any encumbrances on the property, permitting its sale or refinancing. It is an essential tool in safeguarding property owners from duplicate payments or unnecessary financial burdens.

When to Use a Release of Lien

A release of lien form is typically used after a debt tied to a piece of property has been paid off. For example, in construction, a contractor might file a lien on a property if they haven't received full payment for services. Once the property owner pays, the contractor would provide a lien release form, signifying the payment and freeing the property from the claim. 

Moreover, mortgage companies employ the release of lien forms when homeowners complete their mortgage payments, clearing the path for the owner to exercise full rights over their property.


  • Lienholder –– This term refers to the party, individual, or institution that initiated the lien on the property. Often, this could be a contractor who carried out work, a bank lending money for property purchase, or a supplier of raw materials. The lienholder has the legal right to recoup their work costs or repayments by imposing a lien on the property. Once the debt has been cleared, fulfilling the conditions stipulated in the original agreement, the lienholder is obliged to issue a release of lien. The lien release statement signifies that all financial obligations have been met and all claims to the property have been relinquished.

  • Owner of the property –– This party generally refers to the individual or entity that holds the rights to the property in question. The property owner is the one who would potentially have taken out a loan to finance the property or hired a contractor to do some work. Upon full payment of the debt or completion of work, the property owner receives a release of lien example stating that the lienholder releases their claim on the property. 

Key Terms

  • Lien: A claim or legal right that a lender or service provider has on a property until the debt owed is fully paid.
  • Claimant: The person or entity who initially placed the lien (lienholder).
  • Property Owners: Individuals having rights on a property.
  • Notary Public: A state-certified individual who can perform acts in legal affairs, witnessing and validating a lien release document.
  • Voluntary Lien: A lien taken on by choice of the property owner, often associated with a mortgage or loan.

Having an understanding of these terms ensures the effectiveness of the release of lien document and safeguards the parties' interests.

How to Write a Lien Release

A release of lien document verifies that a prior lien claim on a property has been fulfilled and that the property is now unencumbered. There are various resources available for obtaining free lien release forms, like online legal websites, or you could hire a legal professional to aid in drafting one.

Follow these steps for drafting a lien release form PDF, whether you are the lienholder or the property owner:

Property owner
  1. Include the comprehensive details of all parties involved, such as their full legal names and contact information.
  2. State explicitly the original amount due and the payment timeline.
  3. Detail the specifications of the property, including its legal description and physical address.
  4. Prepare all necessary lien information, such as the date the lien was filed and its recording specifics.
  1. Supply the name of the claim being satisfied and any relevant claim numbers, if applicable.
  2. Attest that the property owner has fully fulfilled all financial obligations tied to the lien.
  3. Describe the release of liens or claims on the property due to the settled debt.
  4. Establish the language for the lien release letter, depending on your local jurisdiction's policies or protocols, absolving the property owner of the debt.
  5. Decide how the document will be recorded and who will handle the documentation process.

All parties should review the lien release template under legal counsel to protect their interests. Remember, reaching a prior consensus on significant aspects of the document is critical when drafting the document.


The use of a release of lien forms is highly beneficial for handling property matters. It prevents potential legal disputes and ensures a smooth and transparent transfer of rights. However, the effectiveness of this document is significantly dependent on its proper execution. Therefore, using a sample lien release letter could be extremely beneficial. 

In the end, a release of lien ensures clarity and peace of mind in property transactions. Remember, the process of creating a release of lien letter does not have to be complicated, especially when well-drafted document templates are readily available. With the right tools in hand, you are one step closer to achieving your property goals.