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A rental application approval letter serves to express a landlord's acceptance of a tenant’s rental application. It acts as a formal agreement and protects the interests of both parties involved, designed to transfer rights, title, and interests of a property from a landlord to a tenant. Download this approval letter form in PDF and fill it out confidently with this guide.
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Rental Application Form
This document is used by landlords and property managers to evaluate prospective tenants.
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Rental application approval letters are fundamental in the rental process, serving as legal documents that express a landlord's acceptance of a tenant’s rental application. These documents act as a formal agreement and protect the interests of both parties involved, designed to transfer rights, title, and interests of a property from a landlord to a tenant.

When to Use a Rental Application Approval Letter

A rental approval letter comes into play once a landlord has carefully vetted a potential tenant and decided to let their property to them. This might occur soon after the rental application review or after in-depth consideration of several applicants. In scenarios where an applicant presents a solid rental history, a credible credit track record, stable income, and positive references, the landlord is justified in forwarding the rental application approval letter. 


  • Tenant — This refers to the person or group who has applied and been approved to rent and live in a property. They bear the responsibility of paying their rent on time and following the terms of their rental agreement. Once their rental application approved, they receive a rental application approval letter. This document solidifies the tenant's move into the property and signifies the commencement of their tenancy.

  • Landlord — This is the person or entity who owns the property and is renting it out. In the context of the rental application approval letter, the landlord is responsible for assessing the potential tenant's suitability based on factors like rental history, credit score, income, and references. Once satisfied, the landlord sends the rental application approval letter to the chosen tenant, formally offering them the rental property. This letter serves as a preliminary to the lease agreement, which will provide comprehensive details about the terms of tenancy.

Key Terms

  • Lease Agreement: A contract between a landlord and tenant that outlines the terms and conditions of the rental.
  • Security Deposit: An amount paid upfront by the tenant, safeguarding the landlord against damages or unpaid rent.
  • Rental Rate: The amount agreed upon by both parties to be paid periodically by the tenant for the rental property.
  • Termination Clause: Conditions under which the lease agreement can be prematurely ended.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Responsibilities of the tenant and landlord towards maintaining the condition of the property.

How to Write a Rental Application Approval Letter

Crafting an apartment application approval involves a clear outlining of terms, agreements, rights, and responsibilities between the landlord and the tenant. Here are a few key points to cover when writing the letter:

  1. Tenant Identification:
    At the forefront of your letter, include the full names of the approved tenant(s). This ensures all residing parties are held accountable for the conditions and terms of the lease.

  2. Property Description:
    Present a comprehensive description of the rented property. Include the full address, property type, any included amenities, and the number of rooms.

  3. Rental Rate and Payment Terms:
    State clearly the agreed rental rate, the frequency of payment (for example, monthly), and the preferred payment method. Also, mention the date when the rent would be due each cycle.

  4. Lease Period:
    Define the date when the lease will commence and its duration. This section can also specify conditions for renewal of the lease if applicable.

  5. Security Deposit:
    Detail the required security deposit. This is usually equivalent to one or two months' rent, which can be used to cover damages or unpaid rent.

  6. Maintenance and Repairs:
    Clearly outline who will be responsible for the maintenance and repairs during the lease period.

  7. Termination Clause:
    Include the conditions that can result in a premature termination of the lease. Specify any penalties associated with early termination.

  8. Signature:
    At the end, add spaces for the tenant(s) and the landlord to sign and date the agreement as proof of acceptance and commitment to what it stipulates.

Remember, the contents of the agreement reflect the requirements and legal regulations specific to your region, so knowing these regulations ensures you're providing a legally binding document.

Utilizing rental application approval letters can provide landlords with a strong foundation for protecting their properties, upholding renters' rights, and averting future disputes. With a rental application approval letter sample or template available, landlords can effectively save time while ensuring they adhere to particular rental laws according to their state. 

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