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A board resignation letter is a formal document written by a board member who wishes to step down from their position. It allows the individual to formally state their intention to resign, provides a record of this intent, and allows for a smooth transitioning process. Download this board resignation letter in PDF for free and edit it to suit your needs with the steps below.
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Document Types
Resignation Letter
This document sets out the intention to leave and the terms of resignation.
Retirement Letter
This letter conveys the intention to resign from active employment due to retirement.
Teacher Resignation Letter
This letter is written to a school, stating a teacher’s intentions to quit their job.
Two Weeks Notice Letter
This letter is used by an employee to terminate their contract with their employer.
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A board resignation letter is a formal document written by a board member who wishes to step down from their position. This letter serves multiple purposes: it allows the individual to formally state their intention to resign, provides a record of this intent, and allows for a smooth transitioning process. As the transfer of roles within an organization's board of directors is paramount for smooth governance, a humble board resignation letter sample serves as a blueprint for board members aiming to resign professionally and courteously.

When to Use a Board Resignation Letter

A board member resignation letter becomes pertinent whenever a board member decides to relinquish their duties due to personal, professional, or health reasons. It is also used when a change in career path necessitates the resignation from one's current role. As a safeguard for both parties, a letter of resignation from a board ensures the transition is done legally and with mutual understanding.


  • Resignor — This is the individual who holds a position on the board and wishes to step down from their responsibilities. It is their duty to formally submit a resignation letter from board, signaling their intent to vacate the position. The resignor takes the initiative to express their decision with professionalism and clarity.

  • Board — The board represents the collective body of individuals responsible for governing an organization or overseeing its activities. Upon receiving the letter of resignation from board, the remaining board members or board chairperson review the contents and evaluate the impact on the organization's overall functioning. They may organize meetings or discussions to address any concerns arising from the resignation and decide on the best course of action to maintain continuity.

Key Terms

  • Board Resignation: This refers to the act of formally vacating a role on a company's board of directors.
  • Effective Date: This term specifies the official date when the resignation takes effect.
  • Transition Assistance: This involves the willingness of the resigning member to support the transition process, which could include training a successor or passing on crucial information.
  • Reason for Resignation: While it's not obligatory, stating the reason for resignation can aid understanding and maintain professional respect between both parties.
  • Notice Period: This term refers to the timeframe provided to the board to make the necessary adjustments before the resignation becomes effective.

How to Write a Board Resignation Letter

A sample board resignation letter is an instrumental document that officially communicates a member's intent to step down from their role on a company's board of directors. It can be professionally drafted using board resignation letter templates from reliable resources or through the assistance of a qualified professional. 

Here's how to write board resignation letter samples, whether you are the resignor or a member of the board:

  1. Begin by providing your full legal name and the position you hold on the board.
  2. Clearly state your intent to resign from your current position on the board.
  3. State the effective date for your resignation to provide a clear timeline.
  4. You may choose to include your reasons for resigning, but this is optional and not mandatory. Use a board resignation letter example to structure your document correctly. 
  5. Express your gratitude for having had the opportunity to serve on the board.
  6. Offer to assist during the transition period if applicable and possible for you.
  1. Include the name of the board member resigning and their position on the board.
  2. Acknowledge the board member's intent to resign and their stated reason, if provided.
  3. Address any specific procedures or next steps in line with the board's constitution or bylaws.
  4. Confirm the effective date of the resignation and document any arrangements for the transition.

Before finalizing the letter, all parties must review the document carefully to protect their interests. It is essential to reach a prior consensus on all crucial aspects of the letter, such as the transition plan or notice period. Remember, a well-drafted resignation from board letter respects the needs and rights of both parties and allows them to maintain a professional relationship beyond the tenure of the board member.

A resignation letter from a board bridges the gap between an individual's personal decisions and the ramifications in the professional arena. By leveraging a registration letter template, board members can navigate the terrain of resignation more smoothly. Moreover, it also underscores the importance of respectful and proper transition within the sphere of organizational leadership roles.