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A teacher resignation letter is a professional letter written to a school, stating a teacher’s intentions to quit their employment. It is a notice of resignation typically used in educational institutions. Fill out this teacher resignation letter template on Lawrina by answering simple questions and get a complete PDF document to your device.
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Document Types
Board Resignation Letter
This letter is written by a board member who wishes to step down from their position.
Resignation Letter
This document sets out the intention to leave and the terms of resignation.
Retirement Letter
This letter conveys the intention to resign from active employment due to retirement.
Two Weeks Notice Letter
This letter is used by an employee to terminate their contract with their employer.
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When to Use a Teacher Resignation Letter

A teacher employs a teacher resignation letter to inform the school administration when leaving their position. It is a professional courtesy that assists in making a smooth transition easier. People usually send a teacher letter of resignation under the following circumstances:

  • Anticipated career change;
  • Relocation;
  • Retirement;
  • Health concerns;
  • Workplace dissatisfaction.

What Should a Teacher Resignation Letter Include?

Maintain a professional tone when writing a letter of resignation for teacher. Below are the key points to include:

  • Personal information: Full name, job title, address, and contact details of the teacher.

  • Recipient: Name, job title, and address.

  • Date: The date on which you are writing the teaching letter of resignation.

  • Resignation statement: A notification that you are resigning from your position as a teacher. 

  • Last day of work: Follow the required notice period set forth in your employment contract or school policy.

  • Reason for leaving: Not mandatory in a letter of resignation; teachers may provide a brief explanation for their departure. 

  • Closing remarks: Gratitude for the opportunity to work at the school and the experiences you've gained. This is also optional in a resignation letter (teacher often skips this statement).

  • Signature: Conclude the letter by signing your name.

How to Fill Out a Teacher Resignation Letter on Lawrina

A resignation letter format for teacher provided by Lawrina is professionally drafted and customizable. Follow these steps to complete a teacher resignation letter template:

  1. Find the letter: To begin, navigate the Lawrina website and search for a teacher resignation letter.

  2. Add details: Once the appropriate template is located, you will be presented with a series of questions designed to gather all the necessary information. They will be automatically added to the letter.

  3. Review the letter of resignation template: Teacher’s information must be accurate and reflect their intentions. 

  4. Save the document: Upon review, the letter will be automatically saved to your Lawrina account. This feature allows you to store a teacher resignation letter example and access or modify it at any time.

  5. Sign the letter: The final step is to affix your signature to the letter. If the letter is to be submitted in a digital format, use Lawrina Sign to incorporate an electronic signature.

Is a Teacher Resignation Letter Legally Binding?

A resignation letter from teaching position doesn't hold legal power. However, it is integral to the process of resigning per the terms of your employment contract. It ensures the teacher's resignation is handled professionally and respectfully, protecting the rights and interests of both the teacher and the educational institution.

How to Get a Teacher Resignation Letter

Well-drafted resignation letters (teaching-related) are crucial to ensure a smooth transition and leave on good terms with your employer. To get a teacher resignation letter, you have a couple of options. Using a template from online legal document platforms, such as Lawrina, is a simple and reliable approach. If you want more personalized guidance, consult a career counselor or an HR specialist.

Do I Need to Notarize the Teacher Resignation Letter?

A resignation letter for teacher does not require notarization. What's essential is to maintain professionalism by submitting a well-crafted letter to your school administrator or HR department and ensuring its official receipt through appropriate means such as certified mail or personal delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should teachers provide a reason for resigning in the letter?

No, it isn’t necessary to list your reason for leaving in the teacher resignation letter. However, if you do, keep the reason brief and professional.

Is it necessary to provide notice in a teacher resignation letter?

Yes, it is a standard procedure to give your employer notice in your teacher resignation letter. This notice gives the school enough time to make the necessary arrangements for your exit.

Although the length of your notice might vary with the contract, the standard notice is usually two weeks. Regardless, a teacher resignation letter template often includes allowance for resignation notice. 

Can a teacher change their mind after submitting a resignation letter?

Changing your mind after submitting the teacher resignation letter is difficult. It depends on state and local laws. A teacher in Texas can change their decision to get a resignation without any problem. In many places, you will also need to meet your HR department or a lawyer for help.