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A two weeks notice letter is a formal correspondence often used by an employee intending to terminate their contract with their current employer. This letter serves as the official notice that the employee will be discontinuing their work after two weeks. Fill out this letter on Lawrina in minutes and get a complete document, ready to submit.
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Document Types
Board Resignation Letter
This letter is written by a board member who wishes to step down from their position.
Resignation Letter
This document sets out the intention to leave and the terms of resignation.
Retirement Letter
This letter conveys the intention to resign from active employment due to retirement.
Teacher Resignation Letter
This letter is written to a school, stating a teacher’s intentions to quit their job.
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A two weeks notice letter is a formal correspondence often used by an employee intending to terminate their contract with their current employer. This letter serves as the official notice that the employee will be discontinuing their work after a period of two weeks. It's a crucial aspect of the resignation process and reflects a gesture of professional courtesy toward the employer.

The two week resignation letter is important because it allows the employer ample time to find a replacement, ensuring the smooth running of operations. It also helps the employee maintain a positive relationship with their past employer, which can prove beneficial for future professional references.

When to Use the Two Weeks Notice Letter

A 2 week notice letter will typically be necessary whenever an employee decides to end their employment with a company. This circumstance can occur at any time for various reasons — such as when the employee finds a better opportunity elsewhere, decides to pursue further education, or perhaps simply wishes to change careers. The 2 weeks notice serves as an official declaration of the employee's intent to terminate their employment relationship and provides the employer with sufficient time to manage the transition. 

Parties of the Two Weeks Notice Letter

  • Employee — This is the individual who has been working for a company or organization. It's their responsibility to give appropriate notice, usually two weeks, before ending their employment. This courtesy allows for a smoother transition and leaves a positive impression of professionalism. The resignation letter 2 week notice is their formal declaration of intent to discontinue their employment.

  • Employer — This refers to the individual, company, or organization that currently employs the employee. Upon receiving the 2 week notice letter for the job, the employer begins to initiate the transition process, which may include finding a replacement for the outgoing employee, redistributing tasks, or adjusting schedules.


The employer's acknowledgment of the employee's letter typically marks the start of this process. It is also common practice for the employer to provide a letter of reference for the employee, confirming their employment dates and credentials.

Key Terms

  • Resignation: This is the act of informing your employer that you will be leaving your position.
  • Notice period: This typically refers to the two-week timeframe from when the letter is given until your final day at the company.
  • Last working day: This is the final day that the resigning employee will work for the company.
  • Salutation: This is a formal greeting at the beginning of the 2 weeks resignation letter.
  • Closing: The formal farewell at the end of the letter.

How to Write a Two Weeks Notice Letter

Writing a professional two week notice involves a careful approach to ensure a professional and respectful tone. Also, using a 2 week notice template can significantly streamline the procedure. Here are the key steps to follow:

  1. Begin with a formal salutation addressing your immediate supervisor or manager. Understanding the tone from 2 week notice examples would be helpful.

  2. Clearly state your intention to resign, specifying the effective date (typically two weeks from the letter's date). 

  3. Consider including a reason for resignation. While it's optional, when done positively, it can provide clarity. Getting this balance right can be learned from a two weeks notice sample.

  4. Express your gratitude for the opportunities and experience gained during your tenure with the company.

  5. Conclude the letter with a formal closing your signature, and type out your complete name. 

An official 2 weeks notice letter plays a vital role in the smooth and professional transition from one job to another. This form of communication shows your consideration of the company's need for continuity. Crafting a standard 2 weeks notice letter with a well-balanced professional tone strengthens your reputation by exhibiting your respect for the employer, your role, and the mutual time invested.

To simplify the process of drafting this key correspondence and ensure its comprehensiveness, you can use a multitude of customizable two weeks notice templates. These templates guide the writing process, making it less daunting, especially for individuals unfamiliar with such formal letters. By utilizing a two weeks notice letter template, you can maintain the right balance of tone and content, effectively communicate your intention to resign, and leave a lasting positive impression.