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Updated Nov 20, 2023
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A cleaning service contract is a legal document between a client looking for cleaning services and a cleaning service provider outlining all the details concerning the services to be rendered. The agreement notes down the nature, duration, cost, and other specifics of the services. Create your cleaning service contract template on Lawrina and download your prepared document in PDF in minutes.
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Document Types
Catering Agreement
This specific type of service agreement regulating the catering services performance.
Daycare (Child Care) Contract
This contract is used when a parent or guardian enrolls the child in a daycare facility.
Electrical Service Agreement
This contract defines the electrical services to be provided and each party's duties.
Flooring Contract
This contract is signed between a company providing flooring services and a client.
Service Agreement
This contract is necessary for specific services when a service provider is hired.
Handyman Contract
This contract outlines the maintenance scope of work in exchange for the agreed fee.
Landscaping Contract
This contract outlines the landscaping services the company will provide to the client.
Moving Contract
A moving contract lays out the exact terms of the move between the parties.
Painting Contract
This contract outlines the scope of the work, pricing, and terms of the painting job.
Photography Contract
This document covers the scope of photography work and the service-related details.
Plumbing Contract
A plumbing contract describes the work scope, schedule and timeline, and project costs.
Pool Service Contract
A pool service contract is signed by a swimming pool technician and a client.
Roofing Contract
A roofing contract regulates the terms and conditions of a roofing project.
Snow Removal Contract
This contract specifies the cooperation between a snow removal company and the customer.
Videography Contract
This contract helps agree on the services between the client and the hired videographer.
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In the world of professional cleaning services, creating a solid and detailed cleaning contract is fundamental for smooth dealings and understanding between the service provider and client. 

A cleaning service contract is a legal document between a client looking for cleaning services and a cleaning service provider outlining all the details concerning the services to be provided. The agreement notes down the nature, duration, cost, and other specifics of the services, detailing the obligations and rights of both parties. Utilizing a cleaning contract template safeguards the interests of all involved and ensures that services are delivered as intended.

When To Use a Cleaning Service Contract?

A cleaning service contract is crucial whenever a company or an individual is hired to perform cleaning duties in any environment, be it residential or commercial. That's where a printable cleaning contract template comes in handy. 

This cleaning service agreement is exceedingly beneficial as it outlines the job details, making expectations clear. In case of discrepancies or disputes, this contract, easily accessible via the printable template, serves as a reference point, assisting in resolutions.

New users or those not familiar with cleaning service contracts may find it useful to refer to a sample contract agreement for cleaning services. Such a sample provides a clear blueprint of how these agreements are typically structured, outlining the usual terms, conditions, and clauses they contain. 

By examining a model agreement, such as a cleaning service contract PDF, you can better understand what to expect and what needs to be included in your own personalized contract. Using a sample cleaning service agreement can thus assist you in drafting a comprehensive and detailed contract that precisely meets your needs and ensures a harmonious working relationship between the involved parties.

Parties of the Cleaning Service Contract

Typically, all cleaning service contracts present two parties:

  • Client: The individual or entity that requires cleaning services in their facility. This could be a business owner, a homeowner, or a property manager.

  • Cleaning Service Provider: This is the individual or company contracted to provide the specialized cleaning services, as outlined in the cleaning service contract template. They could be a self-employed professional, a cleaning company, or a janitorial service.

Key Terms

  • Scope of work: This element details the cleaning tasks to be performed as outlined in the cleaning company contracts.
  • Compliance standards: The agreed cleanliness and hygiene standards, as outlined in the cleaning contract template free for use.
  • Compensation: Details of the payment for services rendered.
  • Confidentiality: Any restrictions on sharing sensitive information should be clearly outlined in the cleaning business contract.
  • Liability insurance: Insurance coverage in case of accidental damage during the service. 

How To Write a Cleaning Service Contract

To craft a proper contract for cleaning services, outline the parties involved. Add the client's and the cleaning service provider's full names and contact information. Next, specify the nature, extent, and schedule of the services to be provided. 

Further, outline the compensation details for the cleaning service provider. In your contracts for cleaning services, you should include all pertinent information, such as payment amount, mode of payment, and frequency. The contract should also specify any equipment or cleaning products to be used and who is responsible for providing them. 

Lastly, the cleaning services contracts should include clauses concerning confidentiality, dispute resolution, termination of the agreement, and liability insurance. Both parties should sign and date the document.

Creating a personal or commercial cleaning contract brings clarity and formality to the client and the service provider's relationship. To facilitate this, consider using a customizable commercial cleaning contract template. These eliminate the hassle of creating a contract from scratch while ensuring that all essential components are included.