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A handyman contract is a legal document between a handyman worker and a client. It helps both parties outline the work a handyperson will do, how much they will get paid, and other essential details. Also, the handyman and the client will be able to set expectations clear upfront with this Lawrina handyman contract template. Edit it online without a hassle and get a perfect legal contract for your needs.
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Document Types
Catering Agreement
This specific type of service agreement regulating the catering services performance.
Cleaning Service Contract
This document notes down the nature, duration, and cost of cleaning services.
Daycare (Child Care) Contract
This contract is used when a parent or guardian enrolls the child in a daycare facility.
Electrical Service Agreement
This contract defines the electrical services to be provided and each party's duties.
Flooring Contract
This contract is signed between a company providing flooring services and a client.
Service Agreement
This contract is necessary for specific services when a service provider is hired.
Landscaping Contract
This contract outlines the landscaping services the company will provide to the client.
Moving Contract
A moving contract lays out the exact terms of the move between the parties.
Painting Contract
This contract outlines the scope of the work, pricing, and terms of the painting job.
Photography Contract
This document covers the scope of photography work and the service-related details.
Plumbing Contract
A plumbing contract describes the work scope, schedule and timeline, and project costs.
Pool Service Contract
A pool service contract is signed by a swimming pool technician and a client.
Roofing Contract
A roofing contract regulates the terms and conditions of a roofing project.
Snow Removal Contract
This contract specifies the cooperation between a snow removal company and the customer.
Videography Contract
This contract helps agree on the services between the client and the hired videographer.

Template Description

Paper titled "Handyman Contract", handymen, tools

A handyman contract sample helps outline the terms of the working agreement in writing. This protects both the handyman and their client by setting clear expectations upfront. When creating your handyman contract template, start with the basics.

Using a simple handyman contract helps ensure professional, high-quality service. It gives clients confidence. With a handyman contract, clear communication, and well-set expectations, you’ll build excellent working relationships and a loyal customer base.

What Is a Handyman Contract?

A handyman contract is an agreement between a client and handyman outlining the work a handyperson will do, how much they’ll get paid, and other essential details.

A good handyman contract agreement should specify:

  • The parties involved (the client and the handyperson);

  • The start and end dates;

  • What tasks the handyman will perform (install new cabinets, paint the living room, etc.);

  • Any materials or equipment the client will provide;

  • The total cost for labor and an estimate of materials;

  • A payment schedule (e.g., 50% upfront, 50% upon completion).

Using a free printable handyman contract is in both parties' best interests. For clients, it ensures the work they want gets done at the agreed-upon price. For the handyman, it guarantees they’ll be paid fairly for their services. With a solid contract, clients can sit back and let the handyperson do their thing.

Parties of the Handyman Contract

  • The homeowner agrees to hire the services of a handyman for specific repair and maintenance in the handyman contract. The homeowner will provide the handyman access to the property and compensate them for their work. The homeowner should also allow the handyman to bring all the materials needed.

  • The handyman maintenance contract defines the handyman as the service provider. Using proper tools and materials, the handyman should complete the job as specified in the handyman contract.
    The handyman must agree to perform all tasks using the correct tools and materials. The handyman will be expected to follow all building codes and standards. The handyman will keep their worksite tidy and  remove all debris once the job has been completed successfully.

Key Terms

  • Compensation: The homeowner pays the handyman for services rendered.

  • Scope of work: The specific tasks the handyman will perform.

  • Materials: Any supplies needed.

  • Start and end dates: The timeframe for the work.

  • Insurance: The handyman's liability insurance coverage.

What Does a Handyman Do?

A handyman needs to be a master of all trades. It is essential to have a handyman contract in place before work commences. A handyman contract template will make taking on new jobs much easier. The handyman service agreement will set out the duties, typically including:

  1. Basic plumbing.

  2. Minor electrical work.

  3. Painting interior or exterior surfaces of a house.

  4. Basic carpentry.

  5. Appliance repair and maintenance.

  6. Yard and lawn maintenance.

  7. General cleaning.

To handle such a variety of jobs, handymen need to be resourceful, adaptable and have a working knowledge of multiple trades. A handyman contract will not only protect the handyman but also the work they are doing.

Why Is a Handyman Contract Important?

As a handyperson, having a solid contract for each job is essential to protect both parties to the agreement. Here are some reasons a handyman contract should be used:

  • It outlines the scope of work in detail so there are no surprises or confusion.

  • It serves as legal protection should any disputes arise.

  • The payment for any work will be legally protected.

  • It establishes a professional relationship built on trust and accountability.

A handyman contract template ensures legal protection for both the handyman and the client.

How Are Handyman Contracts Structured?

  1. Handyman & Client Contact Information
    The handyman contract will contain detailed contact information for all parties.

  2. Scope of the Project
    The handyman contract template should clearly outline the tasks the handyperson will perform. Be as detailed as possible in listing services like painting, carpentry, plumbing repairs, yard work, etc.

  3. Start and End Dates of Employment
    Establish target start and end dates for the overall project, as well as any milestones in the handyman service agreement.

  4. Payment and Schedules
    A handyman contract template will specify the timelines for payment. How the payment will be made should be specified in the handyman contract.

  5. Liability & Insurance
    A liability waiver releases responsibility for any injuries on the job. Require proof of the handyman’s insurance in case of property damage or other issues.

  6. Signatures & Acceptance

    The handyman contract template will include a section where all parties will sign the agreement. By using this structure to draft a handyman contract, all parties know what is expected from them. The contract can also be reviewed by a lawyer to ensure compliance.

How To Create a Handyman Contract

A free handyman contract can be created by the parties to avoid any complications. Here are some tips that should be incorporated into the handyman contract template:

Coordinate With the Counterpart

Go over the project scope, timeline, payment schedule, and any other concerns.

Negotiate Essential Terms of the Contract

The handyman contract agreement should stipulate all payment schedules and times. Also, mention all the completion times and dates for any work the handyman will complete.

State Clearly the Division of Finances

The handyman contract should stipulate whether the handyperson will be entitled to travel time fees and who will be responsible for purchasing all the materials needed. Payment methods, warranties, and guarantees should also be included. Make specific mention of each disbursement that has occurred.

Handyman Agreement vs. Service Agreement

A handyman service agreement will provide terms and conditions on the general tasks or jobs that a handyman can deliver. This may include general maintenance or general repair work and can include tasks that may be supplemental to the main job. A service agreement will specify a certain job or task and be limited to that job only setting out the specifics of only one type of job.

For one-off jobs it will be better suited to use a handyman contract template as the contract will come to an end once the job has been completed. For larger jobs that may require an ongoing relationship a service agreement will be better suited. The service agreement will provide more detail on the work, including:

  • Scope of work: Exactly what will be done, step-by-step;

  • Timeline: Deadlines and milestones for the work;

  • Payment terms: How much will be paid and when. For big jobs, a deposit may be payable upfront, then the balance upon completion;

  • Warranties: Guarantees on labor and materials in case anything needs fixing;

  • Liability: Who is responsible for any damages or injuries? The handyman should have proper insurance.

Using a detailed service agreement helps ensure all parties are on the same page. A service agreement is well worth the investment for any major home project.

What Is a Handyman Contract Used for?

A handyman contract agreement establishes the agreement between the homeowner and the handyman. A handyman contract template defines what is expected from each party.

Common Use Cases

A handyman contract agreement is typically used for small home repair or maintenance jobs. Some common examples include:

  • Minor plumbing repairs;

  • Basic electrical work;

  • Painting interior rooms or exterior trim;

  • Yardwork and landscaping;

  • Weatherizing homes by caulking windows or adding insulation.


A handyperson can also be responsible for certain bigger repair and maintenance tasks, like

  • Installing new flooring;

  • Remove old wiring, install new wiring and outlets, and connect them to the electrical panel;

  • Constructing a new deck or repairing an existing one.

When Not To Use a Handyman Contract

For larger remodeling projects or anything structural, hiring a licensed and insured contractor is best. A handyman contract is not suitable for:

  • Adding or removing walls;

  • Rewiring an entire house;

  • Installing a new roof;

  • Building an extension;

  • Pouring concrete like a new driveway or foundation.

While handypersons can be an excellent resource for minor fixes around the house, their work is not regulated or insured like a professional contractor’s. For major work, it’s safer and often required by law to use a licensed tradesperson. A handyman contract should only be used for basic maintenance and repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a handyman contract?

A handyman contract establishes the work agreement terms between the client and their hired handyman. It specifies details like

  • The work;
  • Timeline for completion;
  • Payment terms;
  • Warranties or guarantees.

Having a written contract provides legal protection in case any issues come up.

What is included in a handyman contract?

To protect the interest of both parties, it is important to include all relevant terms and conditions in a handyman contract. At a minimum, a handyman contract agreement should specify the following terms and conditions:

  • Contact information for both parties;
  • The location of the work;
  • A detailed scope of work;
  • An estimated timeline for completion;
  • Payment terms;
  • A warranty or guarantee on labor and materials for a certain period;

Conditions for terminating the handyman contract.

How can you make a handyman contract template for free?

A handyman contract template can be created using a free tool like Google Docs. Include the essential sections listed above in the free handyman contract. Be sure to specify the work as clearly as possible to avoid future disputes. Both parties need to review and sign the final contract before the work begins.


A handyman contract template helps provide clarity and accountability for both homeowners and contractors. By investing initial time to have a handyman contract in place, you can have peace of mind.