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A landscaping contract is a legal document that allows parties to provide and get landscaping services for a fixed fee. With this legally binding document, both parties are protected in the case of a dispute and can easily resolve disagreements. While editing this landscaping contract template on Lawrina, you can continue doing your work while knowing the contract is in place and can protect you if needed.
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Document Types
Catering Agreement
This specific type of service agreement regulating the catering services performance.
Cleaning Service Contract
This document notes down the nature, duration, and cost of cleaning services.
Daycare (Child Care) Contract
This contract is used when a parent or guardian enrolls the child in a daycare facility.
Electrical Service Agreement
This contract defines the electrical services to be provided and each party's duties.
Flooring Contract
This contract is signed between a company providing flooring services and a client.
Service Agreement
This contract is necessary for specific services when a service provider is hired.
Handyman Contract
This contract outlines the maintenance scope of work in exchange for the agreed fee.
Moving Contract
A moving contract lays out the exact terms of the move between the parties.
Painting Contract
This contract outlines the scope of the work, pricing, and terms of the painting job.
Photography Contract
This document covers the scope of photography work and the service-related details.
Plumbing Contract
A plumbing contract describes the work scope, schedule and timeline, and project costs.
Pool Service Contract
A pool service contract is signed by a swimming pool technician and a client.
Roofing Contract
A roofing contract regulates the terms and conditions of a roofing project.
Snow Removal Contract
This contract specifies the cooperation between a snow removal company and the customer.
Videography Contract
This contract helps agree on the services between the client and the hired videographer.

Template Description

Paper titled "Landscaping Contract", woman gardening plants

Landscaping contracts examples can help you start working with a landscaping company to provide landscaping services for you or your business. If you are a landscaping company, this landscaping contract template will give you an easy way to work with your customers to provide your services for them. Using this easy-to-fill landscaping contract, you can continue doing your work while knowing the contract is in place and can protect you if needed.

What Is a Landscaping Contract?

A landscaping contract is a legal document that allows parties to provide and get landscaping services for a fixed fee. With this legally binding document, both parties are protected in the case of a dispute and can easily resolve disagreements. 

Parties of the Landscaping Contract

The landscaping company and the property owner must both agree on what work will be done under the landscaping commercial contract. The parties that need to sign the document and determine what services will be done are the landscaping company and the property owner or manager. 

The first party essential to a landscaping contract is the landscaping company. These people will provide the landscaping materials and do the work involved. This may be an individual or a company that hires a team of laborers to perform the tasks required. 

The second party in a landscaping contract is the property owner or manager. This person is requesting the work be completed. It is often the property owner, but it may be the property manager in some commercial settings. This person should have the authority to make decisions regarding the property. In some cases, it could also be a tenant responsible for upkeep of the property they are renting.

Key Terms

When drafting landscaping contracts examples, a few key terms must be included. Landscaping terms and conditions help both parties know and understand their responsibilities when it comes to the work that is to be performed. The keywords include:

  1. The property –– This is exactly where the work should be performed. Typically this is the address of the home or office.
  2. Duration of the contract –– How long the landscaping contract should last. It may be until the specific project is completed or for a number of years.
  3. Types of landscaping services –– This refers to what services will be performed. Does the contract include upkeep or just one time work?
  4. Compensation –– How much the property owner is willing to pay to have the contract completed.
  5. Client and landscaper responsibilities –– Who is responsible for each part of the project? Is the landscaping company required to obtain necessary permits or is it the property owner’s responsibility?

Why Is a Landscaping Contract Important?

Having a landscaping contract in place can ensure both parties are protected. By entering into a contract and agreeing to the terms upfront, there should be no surprises about how long the landscaping agreement lasts, how the landscapers will get paid, and who is responsible for what parts of the landscaping. Our landscaping contract template can help you design this document to protect both parties.

What Is a Landscaping Proposal?

A landscaping proposal is a document that the landscaping company can submit to the property owner or manager outlining the landscaping terms and conditions, services, and fees. By providing a proposal, the property owner can determine if they want to hire the company. 

In various circumstances, this is how landscaping commercial contracts start to be formed. The property owner or manager asks multiple companies to submit a proposal including what work  will be performed and at what price. Then, the property owner or manager can select which company to hire to complete the job. 

Cover Letter

The cover letter is a description that lays out the initial expectations of the landscaping contract. This letter helps the client learn more about the landscaping company and understand how they operate. 

Landscape Bid

The landscape bid for the project is where the landscaping company has the ability to quote the customer how much the project is going to cost. Within the bid, they lay out the fees for each part of the project. This includes time and money spent on labor as well as materials. Depending on the landscaping contract, this may be split into phases for the project. 

Project Visualization

One of the most important parts of a landscaping proposal is the project visualization. When the property owner requests a bid for landscaping services, they should tell the landscaping company what they would like the completed project to look like. By doing this, the landscape company can understand the client’s expectations. In the project visualization phase, the landscaping company should create a sketch of what they will do and get the customer's approval before the work starts. 

Information About Services

While creating the landscaping proposal, the landscaping company should also provide information about the scope of work and how it will be completed. Usually, this will include the upkeep of the landscaping provided. This may be included in the contract or it could be agreed upon in a different contract. In the landscaping service contract template, the landscaping company can define what services will be provided and related timelines. 


Finally, the proposal should include a rough draft of the landscaping commercial contract. This will let both parties review the landscaping contract and decide if the terms are acceptable or further negotiations are needed. 

What Should You and the Company Include in the Landscaping Contract?

After the property owner has taken the time to read through and understand the landscaping company’s proposal, they should ensure certain terms are included in the commercial landscaping contract. You should cover information about the services performed, the timeline that they will be finished, the price of the services, the payment terms, and who is responsible for certain parts of the landscaping project. Our landscaping contract template has all of these recommended terms and additional recommended terms to make entering an agreement simple and easy.

How To Write Landscaping Contracts

Writing a landscaping contract can be very similar to writing other types of contracts. It should initially identify the two parties in the contract and their contact information. Each party should ensure the other party has the appropriate authority to sign the contract. 

Here are some important things to consider if you are a landscaping company or a property owner and are looking to use a landscaping contract template.

For the Landscaping Company
  1. List the details and contract information for yourself as well as the property owner;
  2. Write out the payment terms;
  3. Clearly state the work that will be completed and the target completion date;
  4. Include any dispute resolution clauses.
For the Property Owner
  1. Define the work to be done by the landscaping company;
  2. Ensure the target completion date is acceptable for your needs;
  3. Clarify who is responsible for ensuring the work is completed; 
  4. Determine what laws govern the agreement. 

Our landscape contract template can help by laying out the basic required terms for you and assist you in creating your contracts.

Top Mistakes to Avoid

When drafting a landscaping contract, there are a few issues you must watch out for. If you do one of these things in your landscaping contract, you may end up with more of a headache than if you hadn’t created a contract at all. Avoid ambiguous or unclear language that may lead the other party to question what you mean. Don’t forget to include liability, insurance, and dispute resolution clauses. Our landscape contract template has all of these terms appropriately written in the contract for your ease of use. 

Streamlining Your Landscaping Contract Writing Process

Creating a process to streamline your landscaping contract writing can save you countless hours and ensure efficiency. Starting with a well-written landscaping services contract template will protect your business. Then, you just need to customize it for each project and ensure the essential details are correct. 

Customizing Your Landscaping Contract To Fit Your Business

Once you create a process to streamline your landscaping contract writing, you will need to customize it for your business. This can help guarantee you are protected and that both parties know what to expect. Depending on the project, you must ensure the specific services and pricing structure match how you will work on the project for the customer. You will also need to explain how you will communicate with the clients. By customizing your landscaping commercial contracts for each client, you can maintain and grow your business.

What Additional Clauses Should I Add to My Landscaping Contract?

Besides basic clauses for your landscaping contract, you should add other helpful provisions which will depend on the client and project you are working on. Some examples include:

Ongoing Services

Your landscaping contract may include various ongoing services. These services can help maintain and enhance your landscaping work that has already been completed. These services in your contract may include lawn mowing, trimming of plants and bushes, flower plants, mulching, fertilization, and irrigation system maintenance. These terms can be included in your landscaping contract template.


If the landscaping company hires subcontractors to complete work on their behalf, the landscaping contract should specify this as well as describe who is liable should the sub-contractors not complete work accurately or on time. By hiring subcontractors, your landscaping project may be able to be completed better and faster since there are more people with sometimes more specialized experience. 

Contract Deadline

The landscaping contract should have a deadline. It lets the property owner and the landscaping company know when they need to agree on certain terms. Otherwise, the two parties may just go back and forth with each other on how the contract should read and what terms should be in the contract. Once the contract is agreed upon, the parties can start working on their responsibilities. 

Insurance Policy

Finally, one important additional term in a landscaping contract should be which party's insurance covers the project and the workers as they are completing the necessary steps. If a contractor was injured or if the property was damaged, the insurance policy section should address who will take care of the losses. 

When To Use a Landscaping Contract

Anytime you enter into an agreement with a landscaping company or a potential client, you should then agree to a landscaping contract. Having a contract in place becomes exceptionally important any time there is money being exchanged. Without the contract in place, neither party may know what to expect from the other party, leading to confusion, disappointment, and disagreements.

Common Use Cases

If you are looking for a landscaping company to do a large overhaul of your landscaping, whether for your home or business, you will likely need to enter into a commercial landscaping contract. This can help you set the expectations for the contract and the work to be completed. In addition, if you are looking for a company who can maintain and do regular maintenance and upkeep on your landscaping, the contract will prove to be helpful. 

When Not to Use the Landscaping Contract

For smaller projects like planting just a few flower boxes or maintaining a small space, landscaping contracts may not be necessary. If you would like to keep your commitment with the company flexible and on an as-needed basis, you may not want to enter into a contract. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a landscape contract work?

A landscape contract works by both parties, the landscaping company and the property owner or manager, agreeing to work together to create a common goal of completing the landscaping. The contract describes how the work will be completed, when the work will be completed, and how much the responsible party will pay. Our landscaping contract template will guide you in creating your contract. We have a template for your use if you want to enter into landscaping commercial contracts. 

Can the landscaping contract be terminated?

A landscaping contract may be able to be terminated under certain conditions. Common reasons a contract may be terminated include breach of contract, non-performance, or mutual agreement between the parties. Reviewing the contract before you agree to it will help you determine what conditions may allow you to terminate it. Our landscaping contract template has options and triggers for contract termination. If you are considering terminating an agreement, you will likely want to seek legal advice from a lawyer to protect your rights.

What happens if the landscaping contractor fails to fulfill their obligations?

If the landscaping contractor fails to fulfill their obligations, there are remedies within the landscaping contract. These remedies may include reimbursement of monies paid or specific performance, which means the landscaper must perform the services as agreed upon. If you still have difficulty with the landscaping contractor fulfilling their obligations, you may have to take them to court to have a judgment enforced upon them. If this is necessary, it is recommended to seek legal counsel. You will be thankful you have a written landscaping contract in these cases.