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A pool service contract is an agreement signed by a swimming pool technician, a pool cleaner, or a pool service company and a client. Ensure updated statuses on the technicians’ pool job and the client’s liability at any time. Edit this legal form according to your needs and download, and save the template for future use.
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Document Types
Catering Agreement
This specific type of service agreement regulating the catering services performance.
Cleaning Service Contract
This document notes down the nature, duration, and cost of cleaning services.
Daycare (Child Care) Contract
This contract is used when a parent or guardian enrolls the child in a daycare facility.
Electrical Service Agreement
This contract defines the electrical services to be provided and each party's duties.
Flooring Contract
This contract is signed between a company providing flooring services and a client.
Service Agreement
This contract is necessary for specific services when a service provider is hired.
Handyman Contract
This contract outlines the maintenance scope of work in exchange for the agreed fee.
Landscaping Contract
This contract outlines the landscaping services the company will provide to the client.
Moving Contract
A moving contract lays out the exact terms of the move between the parties.
Painting Contract
This contract outlines the scope of the work, pricing, and terms of the painting job.
Photography Contract
This document covers the scope of photography work and the service-related details.
Plumbing Contract
A plumbing contract describes the work scope, schedule and timeline, and project costs.
Roofing Contract
A roofing contract regulates the terms and conditions of a roofing project.
Snow Removal Contract
This contract specifies the cooperation between a snow removal company and the customer.
Videography Contract
This contract helps agree on the services between the client and the hired videographer.
technician cleaning the pool

Every year, it happens. It's summer time, and everyone enjoys relaxing by the pool with family and friends. However, it rains, the winds blow, and the bugs come out at night to chase the pool lights. When you wake up in the morning, pools are often strewn with bugs and debris, and who wants to clean them when all they want to do is swim? That's where your business comes in. 


Pools usually require regular maintenance with pool chemicals, cleaning equipment, and filtration systems as well as periodical inspection of the overall condition of the pool. Therefore, it is advisable to hire professionals to render technical maintenance services, such as inspection of pumps, filling additional chemicals to bring the water up to standards set by an industry and legal requirements, removal of debris, etc. 

Home and business owners are looking for someone to take on the responsibilities of filling, servicing, and repairing their pools. To expedite the process of having your new and existing clients sign pool service contracts, consider using our pool cleaning service contract template available in PDF format. 

What Is a Pool Service Contract?

A pool maintenance contract or a customer pool agreement is an agreement that is signed by a swimming pool technician — commonly known as a pool cleaner — or a pool service company, and the client. The pooling service agreement details all the services that are included as well as the terms of service. It should include all the details regarding the prices and billing options, as well as the schedule and potential penalties for failure to deliver the service.


If you require pool maintenance services or provide these services to clients, a properly drafted pool servicing agreement will help secure your interests and avoid potential risks, such as: non-fulfillment of certain mandatory services, problems with violation of the terms, failure of deadlines,poor quality of the services, or inflated expenses. 

Parties of the Pool Service Contract

There are usually only two parties in a pool service contract.

  • Customer –– The individual or company that is requesting pool maintenance from a swimming pool technician.
  • Swimming pool technician –– The professional or company who is providing pool maintenance services to the customer.

Key Terms

You will find that most pool contract examples are fairly similar and contain the same crucial elements:

  • Scope of work –– Each service included in the scope of work should be clearly defined in the contract. Any service that is not included in the contract cannot be expected by the customer.
  • Service schedule –– The contract should specify how often service visits will be conducted, including all exceptions to and deviations from the schedule resulting from public holidays or other reasons.
  • Service pricing –– The purchase price per visit should be clearly defined in the contract.
  • Initial visit –– In the event the pool needs to be cleaned before the commencement of the scheduled maintenance visits, the terms of the initial visits should be outlined in the contract.
  • Customer’s responsibilities –– The customer is usually responsible for providing access to the pool during the scheduled visits, maintaining the water level, keeping their pets away from the pool during scheduled visits, and more.

What Is Included in a Swimming Pool Service Contract?

What is included in a swimming pool service contract will depend largely on what the terms of service are, but the following are the main components that every pool service contract should include:

  • The client’s contact information; 

  • Where the pool is located; 

  • How long the service will last; 

  • How much does the service provider charge for the service; and

  • What tasks the service provider will be responsible for. 

Please consider that this is a non-exhaustive list that includes only a few main points cleaning service contracts examples should have.


A printable swimming pool waiver template may include a hold harmless clause into a pool service contract. This type of liability waiver indemnifies the contractor from legal and financial liability for personal injury you or another person sustains on their construction site. 
Be aware that every state has its limitations and requirements for hold harmless agreements. For instance, some states may prohibit using them during construction works, therefore you should consult with a qualified lawyer before signing a liability waiver.

How To Write a Pool Service Agreement

For Swimming Pool Technicians

1. Coordinate with customer

Before you present a contract to the customer, check in with them to see if they require any services that are not included in the standard offer, or if you can use a sample template as is.

2. Discuss the terms and conditions

The contract should include essential information such as the customer’s name, the scope of work provided, the payment terms, and the service schedule. Additionally, include general information regarding customer’s responsibilities as well as the vendor’s responsibilities. Finally, detail potential penalties that may result in breaching the contract by one or both parties.

3. Consult a legal professional

Consulting a legal professional in the area will help ensure that the contract is not breaking any state laws and is, indeed, legal and enforceable. A lawyer may also suggest additional clauses to create an ideal contract.


If the subject of your contract is the construction of a pool, it is advisable to clearly stipulate a timeline for the builders to meet. It may be difficult for the service provider to stipulate a definitive end date. However, the contract shall include approximate start and end dates as well as pool builder’s working hours. 

When To Use Pool Service Contract Template

It is important to use a pool service contract to avoid ambiguities in the agreement between the parties. Sometimes, pool cleaning can be done as a favor and won’t require any compensation. However, a professional maintenance provider will benefit from using a pool service contract template.

Common Use Cases

The following are some times when you should consider using a pool contract: 

  • When the service will be provided in exchange for some form of payment—typically monetary;
  • When the service will be provided on a routine basis (e.g., whether the provider will have weekly or monthly access to the pool);
  • When the service is to be provided over a long period of time, such as for a deep cleaning that will require a few weeks.

Using a pool contract in most circumstances is advisable. You should check legal examples for pool maintenance agreements to make sure everything is done properly.

When Not To Use the Pool Service Contract

A pool service contract is not always necessary. Here is a simple example:

  • There is no sale taking place as the person that has been asked to clean the pool is not getting paid (perhaps they are a family member or a neighbor).

State Law

The contract should be written in accordance with your state law. The Title 48 of Code of Federal Regulations Chapter 1 Subchapter F Part 37 “Service Contracting” applies to all contracts for services. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my service provider says they don’t have a contract?

A contract serves to protect both parties in the agreement. Choosing not to sign a contract means leaving yourself unprotected. As a customer, if you’re not satisfied with the service provided, you cannot get your money back without a valid contract. Similarly, a pool maintenance provider may not get paid in full if there is no contract detailing the exchange. 

It is always advisable to write and sign a contract to regulate the exchange. A blank pool service contract template makes it as easy as ever. If the service provider you’ve chosen refuses to provide a contract, you may consider looking for other service providers in your area.

Do I need a pool cleaning contract template for a one-time cleaning?

It is always advisable to sign a contract. This will make it easier for you to get paid for the service you provide. What will the one-time cleaning entail? Is it just surface cleaning or a deep clean that will require completely draining and filling the pool? Having a contract in place will make these points clear. You can easily download a printable template to get started. 

If you are a pool service provider or a client that has just recently hired one, you may want to enter into a pool service contract if you have not done so already. Signing a contract will simplify your working relationship.


What happens if my service provider doesn’t show up for a scheduled cleaning?

As a client, you could be stuck at home waiting for a swimming pool technician who never shows. On the other hand, a swimming pool technician could find themselves in the same situation, where they arrive at their client’s house and the client is not there to provide access to the pool. In both cases, having a valid pool service contract in place can save the day.

If the contract contains a detailed service schedule, you are in the right. You can try to get in touch with the other party first to see if there has been a misunderstanding or an accident. If they don’t reply or refuse to acknowledge their mistake, you can submit a claim to the pool service agency. The other party will then suffer the consequences, as described in the contract.