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A sublease agreement is a legally binding document between a landlord and a tenant to sublet a property for a specific time. In a sublet, the original tenant vacates the premises while continuing to pay rent to the property owner. A sublease agreement allows the tenant to rent the property to another party. Create your impeccable sublease agreement template on Lawrina and use a complete document for your ongoing needs.
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Commercial Sublease Agreement
This document is necessary for subleasing a portion of the commercial space.
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When to Use a Sublease Agreement Form

Common circumstances in which a sublease agreement template would be helpful:

  • If a tenant has to vacate the premises for an extended period but wants to lease the property while they’re absent.
  • A sublease agreement builds a legally binding relationship when one company rents extra office space to another business entity.
  • The contract provides the required legal protection to tenants who choose to sublease a portion of the rental residence or commercial space.

What Should a Sublease Agreement Form Include?

Sub lease agreements must include the following details:

  • Parties involved: Personal details of the original tenant, subtenant, and landlord.

  • Property description: Type of the subleased premises and the specific rented area.

  • Rental details: Rent amount, payment due date, and the term or duration of the lease.

  • Security deposit details: Amount and the circumstances under which a refund is possible.

  • Termination conditions: The events or actions that could cause the agreement termination.

  • Original lease terms: Provisions set forth in the signed lease between the landlord and the tenant. The subtenant must also accept and follow them.

Is a Sublease Agreement Form Legally Binding?

A sublease form turns from an informal arrangement to a legally enforceable contract once the parties accept its conditions and sign the document. This implies that each party is required to abide by the guidelines and terms stated in the contract.

Where to Get a Sublease Agreement Form

There are several ways to get a sublease agreement form:

  • Lawrina Templates: You can easily create and download a customizable sublease agreement from Lawrina Templates.
  • Professional assistance: You may also get the subleasing agreement by requesting a real estate agent or lawyer to draft it.
  • Official resources: Local courts or city administration offices may also have these forms available.

Do I Need to Notarize the Sublease Agreement Form?

A sub lease agreement usually does not require notarization. However, depending on local regulations or particular demands made by a landlord, a notary acknowledgment may be required.

For example, a simple written agreement between the parties is generally sufficient in states like California or New York. However, in states such as Louisiana, notarization might be necessary when the lease exceeds a particular term.

Similarly, a landlord or property management company may enforce their requirements for the notarized sublease contract, especially a commercial sublease agreement, when dealing with corporate or commercial properties for liability purposes.

Always reach out to a legal expert for accurate advice on these nuances tailored to your situation. Lawrina Match can be of great help in locating the attorneys.

How to Fill Out the Sublease Agreement Form on Lawrina

Using Lawrina Templates to complete sublease agreement samples is easy and straightforward. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to accomplish it:

  1. Create: Navigate to the Lawrina Templates website and select the sample sublease agreement. Answer the prompted questions to start the creation process. Your responses will be auto-filled into the relevant sections of the form.

  2. Review: Having answered the questions, review the created document to ensure accuracy and completeness.

  3. Sign: Use the Lawrina Sign feature to digitally sign your document. This ensures its legality and authenticity.

  4. Download: After signing, click the “Download” button to save the final version of a sublease contract template.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is subletting legal?

If it doesn't violate the lease or state or municipal regulations, subletting is legal in the U.S. Whether the sublessor may do so depends on the owner-renter agreement. Before renting, read the sublease contract and ask the owner about the regulations. 

What type of property can I sublet?

Subleasing is allowed in the US for residential and commercial buildings. Houses, apartments, condos, townhouses, and even single rooms can be rented. Subleasing is possible for office buildings, retail, and warehouses as well. The original lease and laws control subletting. To find out what sort of property can be leased and if there are any special requirements, read the sublease agreement and chat with the owner.

How do you sublease an apartment?

Before subletting, check your lease for limitations. You require written authorization from the owner. Select the best subtenant from a list of applicants. Create a sublease agreement that covers rent, services, and duties. The subtenant should get the signed rental agreement from the owner and renter. Contact the subtenant and fulfil your contract. After the rental period, the premises must be examined, and the security deposit repaid if required.

Are sublease agreements legally binding?

Sublease agreements are allowed in the US under specific circumstances. A lease sets rights and responsibilities, like any other legal agreement. A subleasing process is allowed if both parties exchange something of value, like rent. Each party's responsibilities and leasing rights must be detailed in the rent arrangement. The sublet contract must follow the original lease and other requirements. Sublease should be lawful in the U.S.; therefore, consult a lawyer or expert.

Do I need a written sublease agreement?

A written sublease agreement is advisable regardless of state laws. It is easier, safer, and confirms the agreement. It specifies payment, rental duration, and other terms. It also specifies sublessor and subtenant duties. A documented basic sublease agreement may prove that everyone understands the subletting regulations in a dispute. If you wish to comply with local laws, consult a lawyer or use legal resources.