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A time off request form is a professional document typically used by employees to notify their employer or HR department about their intent to take a leave of absence from work. It serves as an official record that enables the employer and the employee to track their paid time off (PTO) or unpaid time off in an organized manner. Download this request form for free from Lawrina and write it without a hassle relying on the guidelines below.
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A time off request form is a professional document typically used by employees to notify their employer or HR department about their intent to take a leave of absence from work. It serves as an official record that enables the employer and the employee to track their paid time off (PTO) or unpaid time off in an organized manner. The purpose of a vacation request form is to maintain a balanced schedule while ensuring the smooth functioning and efficient operation of a company's day-to-day tasks.

When to Use a Time Off Request Form

Every time you want to take a vacation from work, you must fill out an employee time off request form. This could happen at the end of a project cycle or in any situation where a break is needed earlier — including taking a vacation to recharge or dealing with personal or health-related matters at home. The submission of a day off request form is an official declaration that the employee has communicated their absence properly and the management is well informed about the leave.


  • Requestor — This is the individual or employee who intends to take a break from work. It's their responsibility to prepare and submit the request time off form properly and in due time according to the organization's policy. Once approval has been granted, this individual is free to take their time off, having complied with the company conditions.

  • Reviewer — This would be the supervisor, manager, or HR department who initially receives and reviews the PTO request form made by the employee. In the process of the time off request, the reviewer is responsible for analyzing the request, considering various factors such as task allocation, man-hour distribution, and the needs of the organization. Upon their decision, the reviewer provides feedback on the status of the employee vacation request forms — approved, pending, or denied. This decision is then communicated to the requester, maintaining transparency.

Key Terms

  • Employee's details: This includes the name, employee ID, department, and position of the employee requesting time off.
  • Absence duration: The specific start and end dates of the planned leave.
  • Reason for leave: A brief explanation of why the employee needs time off work. Reasons could range from personal matters, holidays, illness, family, etc.
  • Backup plan: This term refers to the interim plans to ensure smooth operations in the employee’s absence. It might involve a colleague covering for the absent employee or a short-term redistribution of tasks among team members.
  • Approval status: This reveals the decision by the supervisor or HR department about the employee's time off request. It can be approved, pending, or denied based on various considerations.

How to Write a Time Off Request Form

In order to uphold smooth operations and foster an environment of respect and understanding, it is pivotal to communicate your absences from work through a request for time off form. A template can significantly streamline this process by providing a reliable framework to register your leave details. 

Thus, having a clear idea about how to write a simple time off request form is crucial. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Employee information: Start by providing basic details like name, position, department, and employee ID, if applicable.

  2. Leave details: Specify the exact duration of your leave. Mention the start and end dates clearly.

  3. Reason for leave: Share a brief reason for your time off. Whether it's a vacation, a personal matter, or a health issue, give the employer a context for your absence. The time off request template can assist in organizing these details effectively and professionally.

  4. Work coverage plans: Indicate your plan for managing your workload during your absence. If a colleague is covering for you or tasks are to be redistributed amongst your team, specify that here.

  5. Contact information: Provide your contact information in case of any emergency during your absence.

  6. Submission to supervisors or HR: Finally, address the printable time off request form to the relevant authority, be it your direct supervisor, manager, or HR department, and submit it for approval.

Creating a well-drafted time off request sheet offers a solid structure that aids in protecting the interests of both employers and employees alike. The use of a comprehensive time off request form template can significantly ease the crafting process, ensuring accuracy and consistency in the documentation.

In conclusion, a request time off sheet is a crucial instrument for fostering transparency and professionalism within an organization. By leveraging a customizable vacation request form template, the preparation of this essential document can be expedited, assuring smoother operations and a more robust workforce.

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