Utilizing Legal Template Builders: Benefits and Tips

Updated November 28, 2023
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Utilizing Legal Template Builders: Benefits and Tips


Legal template builders can be game-changers for businesses and individuals looking to quickly and affordably manage their legal affairs. With a legal form builder (also known as a contract template builder), people can create high-quality legal documents and access legal advice at a fraction of the cost of hiring a lawyer.

Save money and still have high-quality documents and the help of legal experts with legal templates.

Benjamin Michael
Attorney, Michael & Associates

The following section will explore the advantages of using legal templates, how to get the most out of them, and how they compare to working directly with a lawyer.

Do Research

Jessica Livingston explains the importance of preparation: to get the most out of a legal template builder, you need to spend enough of your own time doing your research. The more you know about the type of legal document at issue and the subject matter at hand, the less likely you are to make a mistake and produce a document that contains critical errors or omits key provisions which will harm you legally.

You should spend no less than four (4) hours researching to ensure that you have mastered the particular subject area and are confident in the legal sufficiency of the document you are generating.

Jessica Livingston 
Attorney, Partner of Shipkevich PLLC

Such “long” preparation is required only once when you are just getting acquainted with the system. This is what differentiates templates from lawyers — with templates, you need to spend time once, setting up and clarifying everything. Then it will take less than 10 minutes to print a new document.

Find Feedback

There are hundreds of legal template builders available — another sign that the service is popular — so it may take time to find the right one. However, one of the most reliable options is to find reviews from real people or even attorneys who share their thoughts on template builders.

Andrew Pickett states that reviews are “helpful in finding a reliable builder that suits your needs ”as they provide insight into the quality of work and customer service.

Perform a Quality Check

Even though Ethan Isaacson uses and recommends a legal template builder, he reminds us not to forget to double-check all legal documents, even made with the most modern and accurate legal document builder.

Legal template builders are not a replacement for an attorney but, rather, a supplement to legal services, and when necessary, it's important to seek the advice of an attorney.

Ethan Isaacson 
Founder & CEO of LegalEase Citations

Jessica Livingston shares the same opinion. “Once you have generated a document, I recommend seeking an attorney’s advice before putting the customized document to use.” She also acknowledges that “the attorney should not need to spend as much time reviewing the document since you have already put in the time to do your research and document generation.”

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